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​Colorado Student Perception Survey

​​A Student Perception Survey (SPS) is a tool that asks students about their classroom experience. The survey measures different elements of the student experience that have been demonstrated by research to improve student outcomes. Results can be used by teachers to understand how to continue to grow in the standards related to professional practice. In addition to supporting teacher performance, the SPS may also be used as a measure of teacher evaluation under Colorado’s education effectiveness law.

OMNI’s approach to working with schools and districts interested in administering a SPS is to serve as a partner in the effort, to administer the SPS efficiently and effectively, and ensure that SPS results are easily understood and useful to teachers and administrators. To that end, OMNI offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of random assignments of student-teacher pairs for assessment
  • Coordination of online or paper/pencil SPS survey administration
  • Flexible reporting of SPS data at teacher, school and district levels
  • Technical assistance to schools and districts in planning for administration, survey administration, and interpretation of results

OMNI also offers administration support for aTeacher Perception Survey (TPS). A TPS is a tool that asks teachers about their experiences working in their schools and their principals’ leadership actions. Results can be used by principals to improve their practice, and may also serve as a measure for principal evaluation under Colorado’s education effectiveness law.

We invite you to review the materials on this site to learn more about how OMNI can work with you to administer Student Perception Surveys and Teacher Perception Survyes in your school or district. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!